Recent Payouts

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as your account reaches Rs.3000/-. You will receive your Payments every week by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm, you can choose your preferred payment method to receive your payments.

Below are some of our recent Payouts,
ajeet gauriganj 96XXXXXX54 Rs.3,456.00 Paytm 05-04-2020
anitameena sagour 90XXXXXX96 Rs.16,402.00 Cheque 05-04-2020
ankita deshpande bilaspur 90XXXXXX21 Rs.3,775.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
anu radha NEW DELHI 97XXXXXX10 Rs.3,397.00 Paytm 05-04-2020
arti dubey sultanpur 80XXXXXX72 Rs.10,110.00 Money Order 05-04-2020
Avadhesh Dwivedi Allahabad 91XXXXXX90 Rs.16,592.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Ayshathjamsida t m Kasaragod 75XXXXXX64 Rs.19,124.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Biraja Prasad Sahoo Jajpur Road 91XXXXXX38 Rs.19,837.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
chary sathyam karimnagar 77XXXXXX84 Rs.16,847.00 Cheque 05-04-2020
Chethan R Banglore 81XXXXXX09 Rs.16,497.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
devendra jain parseoni 80XXXXXX63 Rs.14,464.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
devki tandon raipur 81XXXXXX51 Rs.19,301.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Emraan Anantapur 99XXXXXX44 Rs.16,580.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
fatema mustali ghadail bharuch 87XXXXXX21 Rs.10,464.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
GANTA BABJEE VIZIANAGARAM 87XXXXXX59 Rs.3,011.00 Money Order 05-04-2020
Geetu Gupta varanasi 99XXXXXX92 Rs.5,049.00 Paytm 05-04-2020
HARISH CHANDRA MISHRA ALIGARH 90XXXXXX38 Rs.13,921.00 Paytm 05-04-2020
Iswarya.R Avinashi 85XXXXXX25 Rs.14,622.00 Cheque 05-04-2020
jeevangoud HYDERABAD 81XXXXXX99 Rs.4,046.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
khushi delhi 09XXXXXX19 Rs.8,735.00 Cheque 05-04-2020
MD Rabbani Badarpur 95XXXXXX91 Rs.5,207.00 Money Order 05-04-2020
MRITUNJAY KUMAR RAKESH ARA 94XXXXXX48 Rs.10,668.00 Money Order 05-04-2020
NAMRATA NAIR vadodara 98XXXXXX42 Rs.17,645.00 Cheque 05-04-2020
NANDA JENA DILSHAD COLONY 96XXXXXX10 Rs.14,025.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Nazya ASHFAQ Mangalore 98XXXXXX84 Rs.9,228.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Palash Mondal Contai 81XXXXXX69 Rs.11,794.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Pataliya Prakashbhai Masraji Tharad 70XXXXXX01 Rs.13,023.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Prachi Vyas Ahmedabad 97XXXXXX57 Rs.3,371.00 Cheque 05-04-2020
prajapati narendra Ghughabhai bhavnagar 95XXXXXX73 Rs.13,014.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
raman singh nadoti 96XXXXXX64 Rs.19,195.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
sabith tirur 95XXXXXX33 Rs.16,382.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
SANDEEP SINGH BIJNOR 90XXXXXX18 Rs.8,470.00 Cheque 05-04-2020
sathyanarayana rao m.p DAVANGERE 78XXXXXX37 Rs.13,581.00 Paytm 05-04-2020
shikha dhake adgaon bk 97XXXXXX24 Rs.10,937.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Shivsen kanpur 94XXXXXX61 Rs.13,262.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
soni nehra sadulshahar 80XXXXXX00 Rs.14,710.00 Cheque 05-04-2020
Srinidhi Tumkur 95XXXXXX31 Rs.11,475.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Srinivasa V Bangalore 99XXXXXX78 Rs.13,569.00 Paytm 05-04-2020
steffie nichol vasco 96XXXXXX22 Rs.8,701.00 Paytm 05-04-2020
SUBHAJIT KUNDU KOLKATA 88XXXXXX65 Rs.8,780.00 Paytm 05-04-2020
Sumith Baby Kannur 90XXXXXX27 Rs.4,067.00 Paytm 05-04-2020
Surat sau Balurghat 95XXXXXX57 Rs.11,988.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Tarun vaishnav rajasmand 70XXXXXX99 Rs.3,626.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
Tejnath Verma TILDA 88XXXXXX81 Rs.14,729.00 Paytm 05-04-2020
Umashankar patel patharia 85XXXXXX04 Rs.13,278.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
veilselvi.v sivakasi 99XXXXXX17 Rs.9,785.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
ven savabhai samatabhai rapar 99XXXXXX21 Rs.9,482.00 Cheque 05-04-2020
vijayKumar kolar 91XXXXXX90 Rs.14,850.00 Money Order 05-04-2020
vinay kumar.s mangalore 81XXXXXX07 Rs.3,434.00 Cheque 05-04-2020
yogendra kumar moradabad 89XXXXXX06 Rs.15,157.00 Bank Transfer 05-04-2020
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