Recent Payouts

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as your account reaches Rs.3000/-. You will receive your Payments every week by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm, you can choose your preferred payment method to receive your payments.

Below are some of our recent Payouts,
Name City Mobile Amount Payment Method Cash Txn ID Pay Date
ASHOK KUMAR JATAV GUNA 88XXXXXX01 Rs.19,112.00 Paytm 7939402870 17-10-2019
Braj Kishor Mukhiya Darbhanga 75XXXXXX47 Rs.5,170.00 Paytm 4688055148 17-10-2019
M David Crown hyderabad 98XXXXXX04 Rs.6,720.00 Paytm 5058841154 17-10-2019
Syed mehmood Bangalore 97XXXXXX28 Rs.9,084.00 Bank Transfer 8657052861 17-10-2019
pooja golechha Navi mumbai kharghar 89XXXXXX00 Rs.2,560.00 Cheque 4404024047 17-10-2019
Amrinder Singh Ludhiana 99XXXXXX47 Rs.12,207.00 Bank Transfer 5176913482 17-10-2019
amish ansar lucknow 75XXXXXX61 Rs.2,850.00 Cheque 5251422893 17-10-2019
bobbysingh ludhiana 98XXXXXX08 Rs.15,594.00 Paytm 2464045579 17-10-2019
KASIMPATEL M NADAGOUD GULBARGA 96XXXXXX01 Rs.3,762.00 Cheque 8207666215 17-10-2019
Rahul KumarSingh New Delhi 81XXXXXX92 Rs.2,771.00 Bank Transfer 8204602040 17-10-2019
Nishant Pandya Vadodara 84XXXXXX13 Rs.17,813.00 Cheque 2626903593 17-10-2019
Himanshu Rawat Noida 88XXXXXX06 Rs.2,660.00 Bank Transfer 9795347289 17-10-2019
Mohd Ayaz Husain Aligarh 98XXXXXX06 Rs.2,673.00 Cheque 5702821271 17-10-2019
Vijaya Kumari Rohini 92XXXXXX25 Rs.19,151.00 Money Order 9051135541 17-10-2019
STEFFI FERNANDES THANE (w) 99XXXXXX04 Rs.4,859.00 Money Order 9401592869 17-10-2019
Shagun Deol ghaziabad 95XXXXXX49 Rs.4,526.00 Paytm 6751323695 17-10-2019
Mahesh Agarwala Guwahati 70XXXXXX93 Rs.4,767.00 Money Order 6652815259 17-10-2019
LALITA VERMA ANKLESHWAR 95XXXXXX03 Rs.2,154.00 Bank Transfer 1774391561 17-10-2019
kanzariya vinu jamnagar 83XXXXXX40 Rs.3,947.00 Paytm 1478523619 17-10-2019
NARAYANASWAMY D Kolar 87XXXXXX97 Rs.19,692.00 Cheque 2178396639 17-10-2019
Madhumita Sengar Ghaziabad 88XXXXXX43 Rs.5,988.00 Bank Transfer 2940245177 17-10-2019
Bhuvaneswari senthil Cuddalore district 91XXXXXX02 Rs.6,492.00 Cheque 4029371084 17-10-2019
akshay yadav gurgaon 97XXXXXX40 Rs.10,035.00 Bank Transfer 9431258563 17-10-2019
pritiranjan sahoo kendrapara 78XXXXXX97 Rs.8,755.00 Bank Transfer 9585422342 17-10-2019
darpan shrivansh indore 94XXXXXX34 Rs.3,083.00 Money Order 4207324602 17-10-2019
Avinash Kumar Navi Mumbai 90XXXXXX42 Rs.19,593.00 Paytm 7319031388 17-10-2019
arijit saha kolkata 80XXXXXX37 Rs.16,730.00 Bank Transfer 8625109040 17-10-2019
T DINESH KUMAR Kadapa 90XXXXXX28 Rs.16,741.00 Cheque 4624476609 17-10-2019
Packya Prakash Tirunelveli 94XXXXXX10 Rs.16,459.00 Cheque 9389427115 17-10-2019
anireddy mysore 98XXXXXX80 Rs.8,461.00 Money Order 3104613531 17-10-2019
pranay kumar ghosh kharagpur 98XXXXXX33 Rs.19,163.00 Cheque 9417573192 17-10-2019
karthik.majety vijayawada 99XXXXXX30 Rs.3,714.00 Bank Transfer 7494062173 17-10-2019
THOUFEEK N KOLLAM 82XXXXXX76 Rs.11,532.00 Bank Transfer 3112125544 17-10-2019
N AnanthaRamulu SR nagar hyd 87XXXXXX32 Rs.10,192.00 Bank Transfer 8560942658 17-10-2019
Jogesh Paswan Anand 98XXXXXX54 Rs.6,160.00 Bank Transfer 8145448649 17-10-2019
rajinikanth Hyderabad 97XXXXXX87 Rs.19,587.00 Bank Transfer 9915563744 17-10-2019
abhishek kumar india 97XXXXXX01 Rs.7,897.00 Paytm 6766378030 17-10-2019
Vishnu.AS Trivandrum 77XXXXXX81 Rs.19,392.00 Bank Transfer 6260399378 17-10-2019
koru Visakhapatnam 99XXXXXX12 Rs.11,495.00 Bank Transfer 4652184934 17-10-2019
karamjit bathinda 97XXXXXX28 Rs.6,331.00 Paytm 1603958982 17-10-2019
Aral Aldrin John Dsouza Udupi 81XXXXXX58 Rs.9,568.00 Bank Transfer 5246593411 17-10-2019
jeevan sharath mascarenhas sunkadakatte,bangalore 94XXXXXX98 Rs.15,798.00 Bank Transfer 5604028318 17-10-2019
Harsh Vardhan Kamboj Jagadhri 97XXXXXX22 Rs.19,886.00 Paytm 2239603587 17-10-2019
mangesh eknath patne thane 97XXXXXX67 Rs.8,565.00 Bank Transfer 5112057709 17-10-2019
Narayan chandra das kolkata 95XXXXXX35 Rs.14,963.00 Bank Transfer 5833345017 17-10-2019
Anandrao Baban More Satara 86XXXXXX72 Rs.7,348.00 Bank Transfer 7778084420 17-10-2019
Tina Mundra Surat 84XXXXXX00 Rs.9,436.00 Bank Transfer 1048625658 17-10-2019
Monica Sharma Jaipur 89XXXXXX78 Rs.17,211.00 Bank Transfer 3518575991 17-10-2019
Rajendra singh Sikar 77XXXXXX93 Rs.6,967.00 Bank Transfer 4051474186 17-10-2019
Shahidul Islam Bangalore 97XXXXXX28 Rs.2,689.00 Bank Transfer 6605772360 17-10-2019
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