Recent Payouts

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as your account reaches Rs.3000/-. You will receive your Payments every week by Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order or Paytm, you can choose your preferred payment method to receive your payments.

Below are some of our recent Payouts,
NameCityMobileAmountPayment MethodPay Date
Abdul saleem malappuram 80XXXXXX89 Rs.13,767.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Amol V Dharia Pune 96XXXXXX36 Rs.8,398.00 Paytm 21-01-2020
ARCHANA SHARMA SINGRAULI 74XXXXXX43 Rs.19,508.00 Paytm 21-01-2020
Ashish narnaund 80XXXXXX82 Rs.19,784.00 Money Order 21-01-2020
bablu giri dadri 98XXXXXX73 Rs.3,665.00 Cheque 21-01-2020
BABLU KUMAR Hazaribag 95XXXXXX03 Rs.9,614.00 Paytm 21-01-2020
Benjamin Lalchhuanawma Betlu aizawl 82XXXXXX97 Rs.17,071.00 Cheque 21-01-2020
Bikash kumar Rajkot 96XXXXXX37 Rs.2,050.00 Money Order 21-01-2020
Chaitra Banglalore 90XXXXXX95 Rs.5,316.00 Paytm 21-01-2020
Chandan Sardar kolkata 79XXXXXX44 Rs.16,209.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Debiprasad patra Paradip port 95XXXXXX59 Rs.19,014.00 Cheque 21-01-2020
Deepali Negi New Delhi 98XXXXXX41 Rs.9,350.00 Cheque 21-01-2020
gouri shankar tiwari bhilwara 97XXXXXX54 Rs.16,489.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
HANISH BHALLA NEW ELHI 99XXXXXX84 Rs.18,503.00 Money Order 21-01-2020
HARI RAM SAHU BILASPUR 88XXXXXX55 Rs.17,369.00 Paytm 21-01-2020
Jagmohan shukla sahshajhanpur 90XXXXXX76 Rs.3,608.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Jiya trehan jaipur 96XXXXXX29 Rs.6,187.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Jyotsna Ralhan Dehradun 81XXXXXX46 Rs.7,434.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
kajal umaji jambhulkar gadchiroli 95XXXXXX76 Rs.4,722.00 Cheque 21-01-2020
Kuldeep kaur moga 98XXXXXX33 Rs.7,853.00 Paytm 21-01-2020
Kunal arun pawar Thane 77XXXXXX66 Rs.8,015.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
M.Bharathi Theni 86XXXXXX31 Rs.3,717.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Mary Theresa.A Bangalore 96XXXXXX72 Rs.3,327.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
mayur gawde mumbai 70XXXXXX35 Rs.6,619.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Md Imran ali Patna 80XXXXXX63 Rs.10,965.00 Paytm 21-01-2020
MLK CHAKRAVARTHI Bangalore 99XXXXXX29 Rs.2,708.00 Money Order 21-01-2020
Navajyoti Borah Jorhat 75XXXXXX20 Rs.10,309.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Neeraj chauhan Sohna 70XXXXXX24 Rs.16,025.00 Money Order 21-01-2020
NIMISHA CHAMOLI KHARAR 78XXXXXX41 Rs.4,592.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
NITISH GOYAL PUNDRI 99XXXXXX63 Rs.7,415.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Pawar Yuvraj Mahadev Kolhapur 86XXXXXX60 Rs.17,123.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Pintu Hazra Kolkata 80XXXXXX97 Rs.7,956.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Prajapati Chintan Vadodara 76XXXXXX92 Rs.4,199.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Rahul india 72XXXXXX23 Rs.2,300.00 Paytm 21-01-2020
Rajesh Kumar Ranchi 99XXXXXX06 Rs.19,063.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Raju Upadhaya Dimapur 80XXXXXX55 Rs.19,540.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Rakesh kumar prajapat jaipur 88XXXXXX58 Rs.4,909.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Reshma kadam Ajmer 98XXXXXX30 Rs.16,656.00 Cheque 21-01-2020
Sameera Shaikh Nashik 91XXXXXX48 Rs.18,572.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
sandy kuruksatra 98XXXXXX98 Rs.15,073.00 Cheque 21-01-2020
sanjeev ludhiana 88XXXXXX01 Rs.13,425.00 Paytm 21-01-2020
shikha swapna Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 90XXXXXX95 Rs.17,361.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
shraddha momaya pune 80XXXXXX55 Rs.9,797.00 Cheque 21-01-2020
Shubhangi Pyasi RAIGARH 88XXXXXX39 Rs.3,870.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
siva chandran m nagercovil 98XXXXXX04 Rs.7,062.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
Snehal s g Bangalore 81XXXXXX84 Rs.15,565.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
sunita mansinghani mumbai 98XXXXXX88 Rs.6,286.00 Bank Transfer 21-01-2020
sushil kumar swami Gudha gorji 81XXXXXX90 Rs.14,001.00 Cheque 21-01-2020
Veer Vikram Valentine Varma Bangalore 99XXXXXX90 Rs.12,922.00 Cheque 21-01-2020
Yogesh Sharma Rohtak 91XXXXXX00 Rs.10,275.00 Paytm 21-01-2020
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